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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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looking ahead to the super bowl. maybe you'll want to head to the mountains. it looks like a fabulous weekend statewide. and for santa clara and san jose, 70 degrees at super bowl kickoff. sunshine a plenty. and mostly cloudy in the morning. and we'll go mostly sunny in the afternoon. mainly 40s, a few 30s. near 60 on the temps and the weekend more sunshine and less clouds and warmer temperatures. and a few clouds statewide. 40s to near 50s. sfo is 50 degrees. a couple of 30s. atherton at 42. and hillsboro and san mateo at 44. a northeast breeze at hayward and livermore. and if sal is listening, there's a pretty good breeze off the oakland, berkeley
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hills. not everyone is in on that. and morning clouds giveaway to afternoon sunshine. and it will be a little warmer. it will be a little warmer with 60s for many. and warmer weather is on the way. 6:01. >> i am listening to you. >> pretty good breeze. >> absolutely. and sometimes when there's a breeze it affects temperatures. i listen to everything steve says. i internalize it. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is moving along well in many areas and we have a little bit of slowing at the toll plaza. and only in the toll plaza itself but not at the macarthur maze. looks good and as we get closer to the super bowl. we'll see some people. i have heard that -- some people are not going into the
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city. and taking a look at the san mateo bridge. this looks good. highway101 from south city all the way down to palo alto. and all the roads are in green and green means traffic at the speed limit. we've had a couple of minor accidents. southbound 880 near 92. there's a problem. a little bit of slow traffic beginning to appear after 238. it's 6:02 and let's go back to the desk. as we get closer to super bowl l. we're seeing more and more people starting to arrive in town. and it seems like it would be good for many local businesses. and some say it's not so great. >> a couple business owners are not experiencing the kind of crowds they were hoping for in the downtown san francisco area. we're on the embarcadero and
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across from the bet setup. this is super bowl city. and it's taken over justin her man plaza. and this is a big fan zone. and fans are coming in from around the country and the world. coming here to the embarcadero to experience all of this. and many businesses are saying they are doing quite well. especially hotels and restaurants. and others are not seeing the super bowl bump they would like to see and that includes a restaurant a couple of blocks away from here. >> this is the worst business since 911. >> and there you have it. a blunt assessment of business so far this week from the owner of boulevard restaurant on mission street. nancy oaks says that the street closures have kept many of the regular customers away. oak says that boulevard is fully booked for friday and saturday. but she does not believe that will be enough to recoup her
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losses. we have a different story at the nearby hotel vital. the proximity to super bowl city has been a huge benefit to that them. they were offering a package deal for 10 grand apiece. that's how much the packages were going for and they sold out fast. >> we have had a lot of early arrivals and a lot of them are all dressed up for the event. and going to super bowl city. and we're real excited to make them have a fabulous day while they are in our hotel. we should point out according to the san francisco examiner there were a number of street vendors who set up shop at the foot of market and they were forked to relocate. for mom them. there's been an impact to their
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business. the super bowl host meet points out they awarded $3 million in contracts to local businesses so they point to that as having a benefit for the local businesses here in the bay area. and of course, the other thing that we should keep in mind is that we're talking about it being midweek. early on in the week you tend to see mostly folks from the bay area, locals going to the super bowl festivities. here in san francisco and in the south bay. and then starting today and tomorrow and up through the weekend is when you see the out of town folks. >> maybe the out of town people will be more likely to try the restaurants and everything. >> reporter: and make up for the fact that maybe you have the locals and regulars staying away because they're so aware of the street closures and all the activity in an area like this. once you get big clouds in from out of town. maybe some of the restaurants see things pick up a bit.
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>> we'll see you. thank you, alex. the free concerts at super bowl city are drawing a big crowd. last night's headliner was san francisco based matt nathanson. and friday night, one republic. saturday night, alicia keys. the homeless and their supporters protested just outside of super bowl city. [yelling] >> you can see a few hundred people marching around the perimeter saying the city is sweeping the homeless off the streets and subsidizing the wealthy instead of the needy. the homeless are getting citations for sitting on sidewalks. >> the encampments have been displaced. people have been getting ticketed and arrested and
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having their property confiscated. >> reporter: san francisco officials say they are beefing up the winter shelter program with a massive new shelter on pier 80. that $1.5 million shelter may open as soon as today. students at santa clara university will be able to get treasons against meningitis. health officials have confirmed one case of meningitis and another has a blood infection. the students are being treated. both students live in the same campus dorm, swigg hall, and are associated with the same fraternity. >> certainly a cluster of ma ninja i don't caral infects is a public concern. health officials say meningitis is spread by close contact and in 10% of the cases it can be deadly. this comes as 10,000 people are
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expected on campus saturday for a day long pre-super bowl event that's expected to go on as scheduled. in alameda, argosy university had a case of meningitis that turned deadly. an employee tested positive for bacterial meningitis. people who have had close contact with the employee are being checked but there's no major health risk to the entire community. shocking news from a san jose high school. the acting vice principal was arrested for what he allegedly did with a student. janine de la vega is joining us live to tell us the reaction. >> it's the first day for students coming back to school since the news broke. classes don't start until a couple of hours at 8 a.m. they are going to have counselors and social workers here just in case the students or staff want to talk.
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here's a booking photo of 35- year-old jose gonzalez. he was the vice principal, the acting vice principal here at james lick high school. he's now on administrative leave. staff at the school learned he was behaving inappropriately with students and they did their own internal investigation and found that he had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old at his home. police obtained an arrest warrant for gonzalez. he was hired in 2008 and served as a campus adviser at the school. the school district has sent out letters telling parents about the incident. and we plan on talking to parents and students in the coming hours and reaching out to the school district for more comment. time is now 6:09. a week long battle for life
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ended tragically for a 29-year- old data analyst for apple who was a popular deejay. joseph razzo was stabbed in the aorta by a mob outside a nightclub in san francisco. these are photos of him from facebook. he suffered from severe internal bleeding. his lungs also collapsed. doctors were able to get them functioning and he took a turn for the worse and died yesterday. san francisco police are looking for whoever was involved in the stabbing. the attack occurred outside the cellar nightclub. they were attacked by a mob of seven people in front of the nightclub. if you have any information, call san francisco police. palo alto is expanding the parking regulations. the city council unanimously
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approved a plan to include a dozen residential blocks. the permits are given to people who work in downtown palo alto and a lot of them have been parking on nearby residential streets. time is 6:11. and a nice story -- the warriors are going to the white house. president obama will host the warriors later this morning. he'll be honoring the first nba championship in 40 years and he'll make note of efforts to give back to the community which they do a lot. we'll be live streaming the visit on and on our mobile app. it all starts at 10:55 this morning. the warriors won last night. steph curry. 51points. the warriors won 134-121 over
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the washington, d.c. wizards. and he tied a career high with 11 three pointers. draymond green has another triple double, making 10 on the season, a record. they'll play the thunder saturday night. a 63-year-old woman was beaten with a hammer and robbed at a mall in fairfield. coming up in 20 minutes, the similar attack in another city that may be tied to the same suspect. and hillary clinton questioned about her campaign contributions and ted cruz accused of cheating in the iowa caucuses. we are looking at a morning commutes that getting more crowded by the moment. this is a look at 237. you can see it's getting a little bit more crowded on the way to santa clara and sunnyvale. the rain pattern is over for a bit. don't freak out. we'll get sunshine and warm
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temperatures for the ekend. super bowl looking warm with 70 degrees at kickoff.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:15. we're looking at president obama and mrs. obama. they attended the national prayer breakfast at washington, d.c. this is some of the video from the event. house speaker paul ryan also
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spoke at the prayer breakfast. it's a major event every year. and president obama reached out to the muslim community yesterday. made his first visit to an american mosque in baltimore. the visit comes as many muslims report increased incidents of bias and hate crimes. and some political leaders are calling for limits to muslim immigration from overseas. >> we're one american family. and when any part of our family starts to fee targeted it tears at the very fabric of our nation. [ applause ] >> reporter: during the 45 minute speech. president obama called on the american people not to be quote bystanders to bigotry. two more republicans have dropped out of the race for the white house as the two democrats pound away at each other. doug luzader has the latest on the race for the white house. doug-- >> reporter: shakeups on the republican side. a couple of candidates have
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dropped out. and moving from the washington post, ben carson is running into financial issues with his campaign. getting rid of 50 paid staff positions. that's a significant development as we get closer to the new hampshire primaries, and democrats are battling as we get closer to new hampshire. [ cheering ] >> reporter: while hillary clinton and bernie sanders made separate appearances at this town hall show in new hampshire they clearly had their sights set on one another. >> good ideas on paper are important but you have to be able to translate them to action to get results for people. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. [ applause ] >> that's just not the record. >> reporter: and sanders stinging a bit from iowa even though he came in a close second and questioning how some
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delegates were chosen. and donald trump accusing ted cruz of cheating by sending out official looking mailers urging wayward voters to caucus. >> it's a disgrace to the electoral process to be honest with you. >> and while cruz and marco rubio try to build on their momentum heading into new hampshire two others have given up. rand paul's libertarian and isolationist -- never caught on. and rick santorum is also out. throwing his support behind rubio. >> he's the new generation and someone that can bring the country together not just moderates and conservatives but young and old. >> reporter: and democrats by the way have their final debate tonight before the new hampshire primary. a lot may ride on that. back to you guys. >> thank you, doug.
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you may have seen it on social media. was donald trump nominated for a nobel peace prize. someone suggested him as a contender. anyone can be placed in consideration and the nobel committee receives hundreds of nominations. time is 6:19. let's check in with sal and see what's happening. >> we need to start with a map because this crash that we had on 880 unfortunately now it's reported that someone has died in the collision. southbound 880 near highway 92. and now they've issued a sig- alert. that means this crash is going to be here for a bit. and right there as you approach the san mateo bridge. southbound 880 at 92. and it's been there for a
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little bit. and unfortunately, tragically, someone died in the crash, it was a big rig and a motorcycle accident. southbound 880 just right at highway 92. and they don't know when the freeway is going to be open again. northbound traffic may be slowing and southbound is really slowing down. and this will affect 238 as everyone makes the big turn. i would not advise tries to get to the san mateo bridge unless you're coming from south to north. and that's a decent alternate to the freeway. i would not get on 880. let's take a look at 880 in oakland north and southbound. the traffic is okay here and there are no major problems. and on the san mateo bridge it doesn't look all that bad if you can get there. let's go to steve. we do have high clouds over us. and mostly cloudy and there's a
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pretty good breeze. oakland, berkeley hills. and not bad for some at the surface. and others nothing at all. and looking good. we'll have mostly sunny skies and there's the higher clouds, and it's only in the morning commute. and the forecast headline. lows mainly 40s or a few 30s. and near 60 and we'll continue the theme of less clouds and warm temperatures. 50degrees. and mostly sunny by noon. and a high of 60 degrees. everything as far as the jet stream or storm track is trending well to the north. and still clouds over california and southern california. but they're on the wayne and heading out of the picture. a couple of 30s. gilroy being one at that site. 39degrees. upper 30s boulder creek, also scotts valley. and low to mid- 40s. decent little breeze.
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fairfield north at 14. concord at eight. and oakland at six. there's a localized -- some areas are getting gusts pretty good. and others hardly anything. it seems to be more of east bay hills. sunshine on the way. and higher pressure and also warmer temperatures. and maybe record setting warm by monday. a few high clouds and warmer near normal on the temps which is upper 50s to low 60s. we've been below for a bit and now we're going above. we won't have the cloud cover and the afternoon temps, upper 60s to 70 over the weekend. looks good. >> that's the way i like it. >> okay. >> thanks, steve. >> you bet. >> the city had it removed because they claimed it was illegal. the new fallout over the huge verizon ads we've been talking about on the side of a building. a jackpot is at stake and
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someone has the winning ticket and time is almost up to claim it. the last minute lawsuit filed by a man who says he's the winner.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 at 6:25. and as the zika virus outbreak spreads one state has declared it an emergency. florida's governor issued the declaration after nine cases of the virus were confirmed. he ordered mosquito sprayers to go to four counties where zika is present. and for officials to educate the public. the most jarring effect of the virus is birth defects. babies are born with neurological disorders. time is 6:25. if you're a woman between 15
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and 44 years old. the cdc don't drink alcoholic beverages if there's a chance you could be pregnant. >> the centers for disease control's -- three women are at risk because they are drinking or sexually average or not using birth control. when women drink before they know they are pregnant they can cause lifelong physical, behavioral o disabilities with their babies. and more than 70% continue to drink. a lotto player is running out of time to claim the $63 million prize. the winning ticket sold at a los angeles area 7-eleven has to be delivered to a lottery office by 5:00 tonight or the money will be forfeited to california's education fund. and there's one man who claims he has the winning ticket. he filed a lawsuit saying he
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produced the ticket and lottery officials rejected it saying it was too damaged. very interesting development. >> if they don't want it. i'll take it. >> i know. time is 6:26. it's a change you'll definitely notice. up next, the new phase in the demolition of the old bay bridge that starts today. >> reporter: and with a lot of things going on with the super bowl, a lot of people are taking public transportation. we'll give you tips on how to get around. we are looking at the commute here. and we do have a very serious crash that may affect your decision to use the san mateo bridge. coming up why this big crash will be here for a long time. the pattern is changing, and today will be the transition day. and we'll talk about what's in store for the thursday temps.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, thursday, february 4th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. if you're just waking up and you want to know what the weather is like. >> 40s on most of the lows. and a few 30s. and our pattern is changing. one that's drier and warmer. today is that 'tweener day. 50degrees if you're heading to super bowl city. 56 at noon and mostly sunny. and the afternoon high, 60 degrees. the super bowl forecast will be warmer. sunshine plenty and 70 degrees. and possible record highs on monday. a lot of high clouds and misty to the north. and for the headlines, 40s for most. and afternoon mostly sunny and near 60 on the high. the weekend lots of sunshine and temperatures above average and cloud cover north to south. and clouds are holding up.
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and there's a decent breeze coming off the caldicott. about 20, 25 miles per hour. and we have a northerly breeze for some. and that's in place and high pressure is on its way. morning clouds, mostly cloudy, giving way to mostly sunny skies. and the easterly breeze is there and a little bit warmer. near average on the temps and they are going above starting tomorrow. you have a situation on 880, 92. southbound 880 at 92 hayward. there's a fatal motorcycle crash. a motorcycle and a big rig got in a collision and a motorcycle rider did not survive. and the backup is growing. they have the two left lanes closed and the traffic is going to start backing up into san leandro soon. and the ramp from 238 getting another southbound 880 is getting jammed up. and this will start affecting all the castro valley commute. if ewe you want to get to the
6:32 am
san mateo bridge. it shouldn't be a major issue. and if you want to use hesperian that would be an alternate. chp does not say when they'll reopen the two left lanes. moderate and might be a little bit of trouble getting there. but the bridge itself looks okay over to the peninsula. at the bay bridge, we're seeing a backup. it's backed up for a 30-minute delay. if you're at the end of the lane in the cash lanes. it's been a very busy week for bart. paul chambers in san francisco now. and super bowl city obviously is a big reason for the boost in bart ridership. >> that's so true. the super bowl city and the nfl experience, and i talked to people this morning and they say not so bad. but they expect bigger crowds
6:33 am
as the day progresses. we know the super bowl is in town this week. and bart is saying it's been a busy week so far. public transit is reporting record riderships. and a big boost since the opening on saturday. reports show ridership ranked as the second highest ever. the biggest was october 6, 2012. and double the amount of riders. you have a lot of things. you have alicia keys, metallica. nfl experience, and super bowl city. you'll see a lot of people out and about. bart is [ no captioner audio ] >> all right. i seem to be losing paul chambers. but i got your message, paul. and just a reminder. download the news app for all things super bowl like the things paul is telling you traffic backups, the weather at
6:34 am
levi's stadium and all the super bowl events. >> there's a lot of super bowl events and a massive vip tent has been set up in the parking lot. there's a perimeter set up around the super bowl venue. tasman drive is closed. and officers are there working overtime to make sure that nobody gets through. most people who live and work in the area appear to be taking it in stride despite the inconveniences. >> mostly traffic closures, the normal route i take is closed and it goes by the stadium. and traffic detours. lots of loud noise and helicopters hovering overhead. >> law enforcement officials say there are no known threats and thousands of police officers, federal agents, and private security are on staff and on hand and ready. >> there are now flight restrictions in place around levi's stadium. the department of homeland security is making sure unauthorized aircraft stay away from the super bowl.
6:35 am
ken wayne and a member of the civil air patrol went up in a light plane and tried to get close to the stadium. and a jet approached and radioed them to turn away. >> our exercise instructions were to ignore it as somebody just flying along and seeing a business jet. it's much different seeing an air force fighter seeing a citation jet. so we paid attention to that. >> that air national guard jet was the leading fighter during the vietnam war. it can fly at supersonic speeds and was designed for air to air combat. homeland security hopes the only problems are with pilots who accidentally stray into the no fly zone. this is interesting. mark davis has indicated to the nfl he does want to find a long- term solution to keep the raiders in oakland. that's what nfl commissioner
6:36 am
roger goodell says on the rich eisen radio show. the nfl has to work to get the solution. the nfl will give the raiders $300 million for a new stadium. and goodell says team officials and oakland officials have to figure out how to pay for the rest of the cost. a 19-year-old robbery suspect is under arrest in solano county, accused of vicious attacks using a hammer. william david king is booked in the county jail on two separate counts of attempted murder. he beat a woman over the head with a hammer after she walked out of a wells fargo bank. he's accused of stealing a woman's purse after beating her at the fairfield mall. >> when you're doing shopping in a parking lot -- >> they tracked him down and arrested him during a traffic
6:37 am
stop. and recovered the woman's purse and they say he has confessed. this morning, caltrans crews are start the process of taking down a major part of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. brian flores is in the newsroom. how is the complicated project -- how will they do this? >> reporter: unlike the implosion we saw in november. this is a slow and methodical process that's expected to last a couple of days. we want to go to animation of what it will look like. caltrans crews will begin lowering the first of five truss spans this morning. they are known as the 504s. and they stretch for a half mile. each weighs 2500 tons. they'll be zephyrs the truss from the towers and they'll descend to the bay below. there it's lowered to two barges to transport the
6:38 am
structure to the port of oakland where it will be disassembled and the scrap metal will be recycled. this is last about 12 to 14 hours for two days. caltrans says environmental protections are also in place. caltrans says the best visual to see the progress will be mid- to late morning when the strands are hanging down. and tomorrow is when they expect to have the trusses lowered onto the barges. there's no bridge closure on the new eastern span to speak of so traffic will be free and clear this morning. next week san francisco will reconsider the controversial issue of whether to give police officers stun guns. police chief greg suhr will call for stun guns at the police commission meeting. tasers will be a part of the new proposed use of force policy.
6:39 am
both chief sur and mayor ed lee support using stun guns as a less lethal option. police officers south shore better trained instead of given another weapon they say. honda is expanding the recall of takata air bags. u.s. safety regulators say the driver's air bag can explode and send shrapnel into the passenger compartment. older model years dating back to 2005 and also newer vehicles are included. 2015, and 2016. honda will notify customers if their cars are affected. head to our website, and click on the show show tab. today is facebook's 12th birthday. and facebook is declaring today friends day.
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facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg has asked facebook users to celebrate the friendships that have made a difference in your life. his prediction for how many will use the network by 2030, 5 billion of the world's 7 billion human beings. >> okay. >> 6:40 is the time. a television cameraman here for the super bowl robbed at gunpoint. coming up at 7:00, what he was doing when the suspects stole his camera. and 49ers officials cancel a girl scouts sleepover. there was a public outcry and a reversal. there are serious issues for the commute. the san mateo bridge -- we'll tell you what happened on 880 that's going to make it very slow. we've had an active pattern since december. and things are winding down. and high pressure is about to
6:41 am
build in and not before a beautiful sunrise. they'll clear up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are keeping an eye on wall street. markets opened up almost 15 minutes ago. a live look at the dow jones. futures were actually upmost of the morning but the dow is dipping down about 50 points, about a third of a percent. and the nasdaq and s&p 500 also
6:44 am
down a bit, more than that actually. about a half percent. european markets are open now. and they are a little bit mixed. market volatility continues but analysts are saying it's a good time to buy for some stocks. >> president obama plans to call for more programs to help young people get their first jobs. some of the ideas have been proposed before. and congress has not provided money for them. the white house is not saying how the president plans to pay for the programs which are expected to cost $6 billion. more details will be released as part of the president's budget request. the cab driver held hostage for a week is really grateful to one of his captors for sparing his life. he was kidnapped at gunpoint three hours after the men broke
6:45 am
out of jail in orange county. he was forced to drive the men to san jose and stay with them in hotels. the men drank heavily and fought over whether to kill them. one of the inmates decided to return home and take the cab driver with him. >> he saved my life and i'm thankful and grateful to him. >> the two other escapees were captured in san francisco last weekend. and all three face charges relating to the prison break and the kidnapping. the homeless man accused of stabbing a chp officer in the neck this week is expected to go before a judge for the first time today. the officer was attacked near the essex street onramp to the bay bridge earlier this week. the officer had surgery and is still in the hospital this morning. he now faces charges of
6:46 am
attempted murder. a fire in san jose damaged four houses that's night. two adjacent homes caught fire and embers likely flew on the roof of a fourth building. and firefighters say only the house under construction sustained heavy damage. and it's too early to determine what started the fire. there's a report that a public relations problem over a huge verizon ad in san francisco could cost the super bowl host committee a lot of money. the ad was on two sides of the building at four embarcadero near super bowl city. the city attorney said it violated city restrictions on outdoor advertising. so verizon agreed to take down some of the more commercial part of that sign. now the san francisco chronicle reports that verizon is angry about the negative publicity
6:47 am
and they are asking the host committee to refund the estimated $2 million. last saturday's big fireworks show for super bowl l left behind a mess in san francisco. here's a photo from the national parks service showing debris that washed ashore. the fireworks were sponsored by macy's. and the macy's says the show involved self-consuming fireworks. and they say the trash was probably dumped into the water from a barge where the fireworks were launched. the girl scouts had a sleepover canceled and then the 49ers announced the sleepover would be pushed back to may 21st. and they are guaranteeing that
6:48 am
it won't be moved again. sal, i know you're following that fatal crash this morning. >> that's right. southbound 880 at 92. this happened an hour ago. a might be and a big rig -- a motorcycle and a big rig crashed and the motorcyclist did not survive. traffic is backed up to 238. and 238 is slow trying to make the turn to 880 and if you know your way around hayward. you can use hesperian or one of the other streets to get to 92 which is heavy in that area. so give yourself plenty of time. chp will be doing extensive investigation. let's go to the macarthur maze. and traffic here is a little bit slow coming around the you were the to the bay bridge toll plaza. and this morning in san jose, northbound 280 -- and i think we can see that on one of the
6:49 am
cameras -- no, we can't. there are no major problems in the south bay. and now it's time to go to weather. we do have another opportunity for a beautiful sunrise. higher clouds coming in and this one will not lead to any rain. yesterday it was extremely light. occidental picked up 14/100ths. >> water temperatures in pacifica seemed warm yesterday. are they higher than average? not much. half moon bay, 55. and monterey, 55. average for this time of year is 52 to 54. so just near average to slightly above. they'll been stuck for a long time. higher clouds are with us in the morning. 40s for most of the lows and a couple of 30s. i kind of went like that.
6:50 am
30s for lows. mostly sunny this afternoon. and weekend sunny and warm. where is everything? east or north of us. and it's going to stay there. 40s on the temps. sfo says 50 degrees. and upper 40s for some. woodside an hour and a half ago -- 42 atherton. san carlos is 41. and san mateo at 44. there's a breeze for some northeast. and about 25 miles per hour coming right off the caldicott heading to oakland. there are pockets. 18 in truckee. and 40s from arcata to monterey. and around lake tahoe, teens and 20s. two bits for incline village. and truckee at 18. and you get a good look at where all the cloud cover is heading and the jet is going to
6:51 am
stay there for about a week. we have a long way to go. this is long overdue. and a warmup in the winter. we get two to three weeks is not uncommon. morning clouds and afternoon sun. mostly sunny. there's an easterly breeze in place. and everyone is close to seasonal averages, and by tomorrow there will be fewer clouds and the lows will be colder. and the afternoon highs will start warming up. and we'll take it into a super weekend. >> and for people who want to avoid all the super bowl stuff -- >> people sent me pictures of the mustard grass in the vineyards. a couple pictures of that. sierra nevada will be beautiful. >> napa and sonoma are getting a big boost. >> don't forget livermore valley. santa cruz mountains, 55
6:52 am
wineries in livermore, maybe 60 by the time i finish this sentence. >> we take it for granted sometimes. people all over the world. napa is 45 minutes away. >> i give my kids a hard time. did we go over the golden gate bridge? i wasn't paying attention. >> 6:52 is the time. potholes-- we all run over those. they make the car shake and shudder. up next, the fix that's coming but not soon enough for drivers probably. look in the mirror. are you a super fan like this person. we want to see how you're celebrating super bowl l. this is a photo of rhino picasso. i love the name. and i love the hat -- the helmet, i'm sorry. keep the pictures and video coming. post them on facebook, twitter, and instagram. just use the hash tag ktvu.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:55. and caltrans says a stretch of broken and bumpy freeway in the east bay is due for a major retrofit. and some drivers are worried that conditions could get worse. some commuters call the section of i-580 east of livermore one of the worst roads in the bay area. the 5 1/2 mile stretch of 580 over the altamont pass from crazy to livermore filled with potholes. you know what i'm talking about. and the road conditions may be tied to a rise in the number of crashes in the area. there were four deadly accidents and one in 2014. the chp has not tied the crashes to potholes, but they list the cause as driving at an
6:56 am
unsafe speed for the conditions. >> in the mornings you can't see the holes and people slam on the brakes or swerve or move in and out of a lane to avoid a pothole. >> caltrans says it's a top priority. and they pan to start repaving in august or september. if you see potholes -- and we all do -- or highway troubles or issues, we want to hear from you. go to ktvu's facebook page. tell us about them and where. el niƱo may be helping in the fight against the flu. three people in california have died from the flu. that's compared to 15 deaths at this time last year. but people are spending less time in small enclosed spaces with other people because it's been warmer than last winter. >> any time your put a
6:57 am
population of people in an enclosed place. there's transmission of the virus. we've had one of the warmest winters on record. >> some health experts say the low number of cases of the flu may be due to the current vaccine which is turning out to be more effective than last year's version. just to make your smile. animal planet's puppy bowl cafe has arrived in san francisco. it's a mock 24-foot football field built at the ferry building and it starts today. these adoptable puppies from the east bay spca and the department of animal control will battle it out in a playful scrimmage. omaha. and fans can experience the virtual reality getting up close and personal. they'll hit the field at 11:00 today through sunday. coming up at 7:30. paul chambers will get in there
6:58 am
and get around there anyway. we'll have a live report behind the scenes with the puppies. >> one of our directors said do we have a roughing the passer? >> that's a good one. >> coming up. homeless advocates protested a march at super bowl city. what they say the city of san francisco is doing to keep the homeless out of sight during super bowl week. and more details about the meningitis cases at santa clara university. what the university is doing today to keep students safe.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. we are just days way from the big game here in the bay area. super bowl 50 and the crowds are beginning to arrive, especially in san francisco. lots of hotels and restaurants are doing quite well. business is good for them. we will tell you why some businesses say they are not seeing super bowl bumps coming up. the warriors win again thanks in part to a couple of points by steph curry. up next the white house. "mornings on 2" continues. continues. good morning. thank


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